Water is a substance without stability it represents change and a liquid state, terms easily definable for product sales. As water is a necessity for survival of all things, sales is the key for survival of a company. A common knowledge for water utilization is the need for it to be contained in some form of storage, else there is a flow. The same is for Sales, the products are sold through various third party outlets like mom-n-pop store representing smalls ponds to large retail chains representing lakes. At RGF we make sure we develop the right sales strategy and partnership for you, maximizing your sales potential. In India majority of the distribution system is still unorganized and muddled, very similar to a river and its tributes. However, there is a fast transition to a lot more organized canal based distribution system being developed in India, where itís systematic, predictable and offers a higher standard of service offering.


  • Sales Strategy
  • Developing Sales Channels
  • Third party Tie-ups
  • Sales Representation
  • Sales Research and Monitoring
  • Targeted Distribution
  • Distribution Partnerships