We all grown up hearing, ‘Do not play with Fire’. A very powerful element, FIRE possesses the ability to transform any substance. So is the power of marketing, establishing brands in their respective markets, eventually influencing their sales and finally becoming a driving force behind new product development.

The purpose and capacity of its use defines if this element will be constructive or destructive. Fire from a match has the ability to light up a candle or burn out entire forests, hence an element that needs to be controlled and monitored. A similar ideology is followed at RGF, where we do not push our services to our clients. Considerable importance is given to understanding our clients’ requirements and appropriately implementing a suitable marketing solution for them. We do not believe in draining our clients’ company resources in the name of marketing.


  • Traditional Marketing
  • Food PR
  • Cause related marketing
  • Online/Viral Marketing
  • New Market Entry Solution (India)