The characteristics of AIR associate well with a Brand, both are a mobile and dynamic existence without form. The wind is the motion of air, as is our brand services for developing or managing your brand. As everywhere, Indian consumers also buy products they feel comfortable with, that are relevant to them and have a personality. Our team is well immersed into the Indian culture and markets to build loyal connections of your brands with the consumers. At RGF we give considerable importance to brand protection. As it is universally agreeable to maintain pure air in the environment, we keep your brand pure. Backed by our legal associates we eliminate the problems of grey market and counterfeit goods at its roots through targeted monitoring and suppliers training.


  • Brand Strategy: In essence to what you or your brand stands for.
  • Brand Identity: Creating a symbol that represents the spirit of your company.
  • Brand Launch & Positioning: At RGF we pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional market positioning.
  • Brand Architecture: Optimally managing your portfolio of multiple brands.
  • Brand Culture: We train your employees to live the brand and serve as brand ambassadors.
  • Brand Protection: Monitoring and building suppliers relations.
  • Brand Licensing & Joint Ventures: Our team will seek the most suitable partners for you in India.