Our team is a hybrid set of individuals, at one end we have individuals with vast knowledge and experience of the traditional and unorganized Indian Food Industry and the other driving new innovations in form of design, technology, marketing techniques, etc., competing in the NextGen Indian food market.

Along with the core management the Account Manager is centre to our client relationships, especially once project commences. To serve our clients best, at RGF we believe there is a one point contact needed till the project is successfully completed. This team is available to answer all your questions within 24 hours. Internally they are also crucial to delegate responsibilities to our people and associates, along with monitoring progress and targets set by the clients. The account manager reports on a regular basis to our clients and core management on progress of each project, no matter its size.

Our In-house team are highly sensitive to our clients’ requirements, they are result oriented and capable of clear and systematic communication. Our team of experts tackles routine and critical marketing issues to help food companies grow, as well as launch new products in the fast evolving Indian market.

They work in close links with the marketing team, creating a synchronized work environment to bring about effective results for growth or launch of a brand. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the needs and wants of the Indian consumer. They are capable of managing any type of brand, from the ones intended for mass markets to speciality brands intended for niche markets.

Sales in India are highly sensitive to building a strong personal bond with concerned third parties. Our professionals maintain this relationship with people at all levels, from wholesalers, distributors, importers to retailers in both organized and unorganized markets. Our sales team is least involved in mundane administrative responsibilities, they cope with just one pressure, to Sell, Sell and Sell...

The design team plays a crucial role in all major services at RGF, which are usually undermined in India. We have a creative team of In-house designers and selective freelancers, having a multi-cultural outlook, so they can serve precisely our clients requirements. Our designers are capable of handling any set of projects from online/virtual creations, to product packaging and promotions designs to even highly sophisticated product developments.

The technology team works in close collaboration with our designers and having vast experience in many aspects, web design and programming, technical support, email blast development, online business planning, e-commerce development, technology research, social media technology, etc. Our clients use our experts’ service not just for the India market but for their home country as well as other international markets.